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Car & Van Clutch Fitting St Albans

All manual gearbox vehicles have a clutch at some point in time your vehicle will need a clutch replacement clutches do last a fair while there are some factors influencing premature clutch wear most common sorry to say is how the driver drives the vehicle sometimes we see a lot clutch wear due slipping of the clutch this can occur when the driver rests their foot on clutch pedal and not realizing they have engaged the clutch slightly forcing the clutch to slip.

If you suspect you might have clutch problem Motor Vehicle Repairs can help we can offer free clutch check and quote for your clutch replacement St Albans. Today's car clutches are more work intensive to replace not like older vehicles where a clutch could be replaced in an hour or so, one what comes to mind is the early Vauxhall Cavalier the gearbox did not have to be removed to replace the clutch. Modern vehicles today we are not so lucky car clutch replacement can be up to three or nine hours to replace depending on which make and model of vehicle you own.

Some other conditions have made the cost of clutch more expensive to the customer conditions such as car manufacturers have adopted hydraulic clutch pedal meaning there is no clutch cable any more it's all done by hydraulic master and slave cylinders and fluid this is not for all vehicles but most of them.

Hydraulic clutch pedals have been around for years it's not new technology it did not matter if your vehicle had a cable or hydraulic clutch pedal the clutch parts on either consisted of three parts to complete a clutch kit.

1. Clutch Pressure plate
2. Clutch centre Plate [Friction Plate]
3. Clutch release Bearing

From time to time customers ask for a certain make of clutch kit to be fitted brands we use can vary from our suppliers we only fit the very best clutch kit brands such as Sachs, LUK, QH and others.

All clutches we fit come with manufacturer warranty this includes parts and labour.

Need your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible Motor Vehicle Repairs can help you with all your clutch replacement St Albans please call us on 0800 999 4118 or 0330 999 4118 for complete car and van clutch replacement St Albans we can pick up deliver your vehicle after repair from our fully equipped workshop based in Wheathampstead St Albans.