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ECU remapping cost for petrol or diesel special offer £199.00

Fuel Economy Remapping

Petrol Diesel ECU Performance Tuning - Car & Van Fuel Economy ECU Remaps

Motor Vehicle Repairs have extended their service to include mobile performance tuning also known as ECU remapping (chip Tuning) we decided to invest in the most advanced mobile Remapping Equipment after many customers asked if we could offer this service we pleased to announce we now can offer custom remap for petrol and diesel vehicles (Cars/Vans), We have created a relationship with best remapping writer in the UK with over 30 years experience in high end performance tuning on and off the race track, John brings track performance to your road vehicles in a very safe manner he treats every remap like it's his own vehicle in other words we will never ever map a vehicle were the map will cause any damage to your vehicles ECU or any other electronic components.

We have sourced the very best tools and code writers in the business to make sure we can offer the very best service around we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction this why we are the best choice for your car or van custom remap. We don't aim to be the cheapest for remapping we aim on quality and doing it right there are some very cheap maps out there and if they are not done correctly that will leave your vehicle unusable, note we also keep original and modified copies of your ECU's map file which we store so if you plan to sell your vehicle or your vehicle is under manufacturer's warranty we can write the file back to the vehicles ECU if needed you do not need to pay again for full remap just a standard call out charge will be applied for this service.

Remap my car or van for Performance
There are many reason for remapping your vehicles and that is to unleash the power that as be restricted by vehicle manufacturer by changing and analyzing ECU's EPROM chip and safely modifying values stored on this chip to get maximum performance. We will ask you some questions on how you would like your car or van remapped you might want to get maximum power (Torque) that the engine can safely be mapped too this option does not take into consideration of fuel economy in other words be prepared to use more fuel to gain maximum power. Option two we can balance the remap so your vehicle gains power (Torque) and still get good fuel economy both options you will still get better MPG but for top performance you will reduce MPG.

Guide Lines average power Gains for petrol and diesel Car and vans It depends on the vehicle EG: VW Golf GTI 1.8 Turbo: standard BHP: 150 -- After remap: 185 BHP (Petrol) 25% to 30% BHP & 5% to 20% MPG VW Golf TDI 130... Before 130 BHP -- After remap: 170 BHP -- (Diesel) 25% to 30% BHP & 5% to 20% MPG.

Please note you must take in consideration road type including road surface, vehicle weight-load, and type of driver

Remap my car or van for economy Best outcome in most cases for fuel economy are diesel remaps gains can be as much as 30% MPG were petrol gains can average 10% MPG fuel economy remap is suited for all but company vehicles and fleet vehicles is where this would be noticeable reducing overall cost on running your fleet vehicles we seen some great results on commercial diesel vans(LCV) mapping will also increase power (BHP) as the ECU is mapped for overall balance on vehicles driveability lot smoother through gear changes and better performance carrying heavier loads. Remap my van for fuel economy is a must with greater fuel costs business and van owners there is now a solution to reduce cost of running your vehicles.

Remapping (Chip tuning) describes the way of altering or updating chip (EPROM ) within a car's or any others vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU) to accomplish better performance, whether it is more power, or cleaner emission control for greener vehicle, or better fuel burn MPG.(Mile per gallon)

Earlier vehicles pre ECUs around the 80s and 90s were chip tuning where the ECUs chip had to be swapped to the another to achieve performance results, now days this has be replaced with a flash able chip on vehicles electronic control unit which is accessible through the vehicles ODBll socket this method is known as ECU tuning (ECU Remapping).

EPROM Chip contains cars software on it similar to how your home computer works the ECU is the computer and the EPROM is the software which monitors and records controls all aspects of the vehicles engine this includes engine temperature, air flow, engine rotation position, Spark Ignition, fuel injection timing accelerator pedal, even monitors brake pedal and clutch pedal (Manual Vehicles) this also includes steering wheel angle (Rotation). ECU gets this information from various engine sensors in and around the engine.

The ECU cannot function without these sensors sending information to the ECU brief example we have sensor which monitors engine temperature this is referred to has a coolant temperature sensor this sends signals to the ECU on how hot the vehicle engine is getting, The ECU would then respond say hey the engine is getting to hot I think I need to cool it down the ECU then responds and sends a signal to switch on engine electric cooling fan which in turn starts fan to cool the engine this prevents the engine getting to hot. Once the coolant temperature sensor records normal engine temperature it sends the information back to the ECU hey I am normal now ECU responds OK lets switch off the cooling fan.

Ok now let"s get back to remapping by remapping (Adjusting EPROM chip software) we can increase and decrease certain values to control how the engine sensors responded adjusting fuel timing, ignition timing, boost pressure and other values allow us to map the vehicle to gain better performance and economy a better tuned ECU allows an increase in performance and better driveability.

Need your car or van ECU remapping for performance tuning or fuel economy no need to worry Motor Vehicle Repairs have you covered with fully equipped mobile workshop we can quickly and professionally remap your diesel or petrol vehicle for best performance and fuel economy at your home or work place give us a call free on 0800 999 4118.