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Car & Van Water Pumps

All water cooled vehicles will need a water pump to aid in cooling of the vehicles engine this is an essential part of any car or vans engine to run at the right temperature set by the vehicle manufacturer.

On transverse engines (Front wheel drive vehicles) the car water pump is located on driver side of the engine close to auxiliary drive belts these belts are attached to the engines crankshaft pulley the other end of one of these belts will turn the water pump power by the engine crankshaft as the vehicle is running.

Not all pumps are driven this way a good 60% of vehicles car water pumps are driven by the timing belt (Cam belt) if this is the case then your car water pump will not be visible as it will be located behind the timing belt cover.

Car water pump symptoms

Car water pump symptoms can vary from rumbling sound coming from under the bonnet or just from water loss you may even see fast tripping water from under your car or van another symptom can be the loss of your vehicles heater this is typical of low water level in vehicles cooling system which may indicate a water leak.

You may find that you have none of the symptoms above and your vehicle is just getting very hot very quickly your engines electric cooling fan is running and temperature gauge indicating over heating problem but you cannot see or hear any signs it might be your car water pump this symptom could indicate a head gasket problem.

But it also could indicate a problem with your water pump too within the internals of a water pump you have four or six paddles similar to a water mill these paddles are what circulates the water throughout your cooling system in the past we have seen this paddles break away from the pump drive when this happens the water pump will show no signs of wear the outcome of this will be the water will just boil within the engine and not be able flow through to the rest of the cooling system hence overheating.

Symptoms like rumbling noise is very serious especially if your car water pump type is driven by the timing belt if water pump bearing fails the water pump will collapse and the timing belt will break causing major engine damage it's imperative to have your vehicle checked if the diagnoses is indeed the water pump then a new timing belt should also be replaced along with the timing belt, tensioner and guides and new water pump.

Car water pump replacement Cost

The cost of replacing a car or van water pump can vary depending on make and model of your vehicle also diesel engine vehicles can be more time intensive to replace most garages work according to manufacturer work times this will give a guide on how long the job will take.

Need your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible Motor Vehicle Repairs can help you with all your car & van water pump replacement St Albans please call us today on 0800 999 4118 or 0330 999 4118 for complete car or van water pump repair service at your home or work place or we can pick up deliver your vehicle after repair from our fully equipped workshop based in Wheathampstead St Albans.