Delphi, Bosch, Siemens, Denso Diesel Injector Testing

  • Delphi, Bosch, Siemens, Denso Diesel Injector Testing
Delphi, Bosch, Siemens, Denso Diesel Injector Testing from £15 each

Delphi, Bosch, Siemens, Denso Diesel Injectors

More often you hear people say that mine is a diesel engine, thus repairing it should not be an issue. That statement is not entirely accurate, not all aspects of a diesel engine are straightforward. Some require the technician to be keen to spot the failure. A thorough diagnosis needs to be done, collect data and interpret it, so that to pinpoint precisely where the problem is this is done for a Delphi, Bosch, Siemens, and Denso indiscriminately. Some of the essentially necessary things you should know about fuel injectors include;

Reasons why the injectors fail
There are two main reasons as to why fuel injectors fail. The first factor is due to mechanical breakdown of the injector, and secondly, the failure can be caused by the use of poor quality fuel.

Mechanical failure
Although modern diesel engines are computerized and look all electrical, they have mechanical parts that can wear out and cause the failure. A mechanical failure can be scanned by the scan tool and the defective area identified and repaired At times, the injection cylinder cracks. This causes more damage to the injector and even the engine if not rectified instantly.

Other signs that your vehicle has injector mechanical failures include having no injection which happens when there are debris or rust in the injector’s nozzle or when the stator is bad. The second mechanical failure is that of having a return flow. As for the return flow, you will notice bit because the engine will be hard to start and you will have low common rail pressure codes. This kind of mechanical failure is caused by cracked nozzle body and worn out injector ball sat among other things. It is good to do a piezo common rail diesel injector testing to prevent such failures.

Fuel quality problems
The injectors act as the fuel inlet nozzles to the engine. They thus have to be well maintained to protect the engine. Buy fuel from reputable distributors. Ensure that you change your oil filters as required. Read your car manual to be very sure of how often you should change the filters. You must keep the fuel system clean at all times to protect the injector and by extension the engine.

Tell signs of a faulty injector
If your car starts to use more fuel than it was using, you could have a leaky injector. Same applies if you start experiencing many engine related issues. With a faulty injector, you will begin to smell a bad odour every time you drive. This is because the injector works at high pressure and at times the pressure may cause the nozzle to leak and drip fuel or supply more to the engine than it is required. A leaking injector will cause acceleration problems and affect fuel efficiency.

If you are having longer crank times and a vehicle with increase tear, then the injectors could be faulty, especially if thin oil accompanies these signs. The density or viscosity of the oil is critical if during your oil check dip you realize the oil is light, then you need to take your car for check-up instantly. If your engine knocks and you are getting a dirty smoke from the exhaust, your injectors are either completely faulty or fully clogged.

Repair and inspection criteria
A normal inspection of injectors will involve a leak off test inspection where the nozzles and the injector body are inspected for any cracks that can be leaking fuel. Your technician will then conduct an ohm test which is done by testing the resistance value across the terminals of the injector connectors. The aim is to establish the condition of the coils. The flow rate and spray pattern verification are carried out. If there is a problem, the nozzles are cleaned. If your technician finds out that your injector is fully damaged by rust or excessive mechanical tear of the cylinder, you will have to replace the whole injector. At times, all you have to replace is the nozzle.

You cannot tell if your injector has failed unless you understand the reason why they fail. You also have to know how to identify the signs and symptoms of a faulty injector system. Before you visit the dealership or your local mechanic, there are things that you can do to prevent damage to your engine and the injector.